Are you planning to build a website? The very first step before getting started is registering a domain name. This may come by as overwhelming if you have never done so earlier. Let us take a look at the right way to get started.

What do you want your domain name to be?

The first thing to figure out is what is it that you want your domain name to be. Characteristically, it is going to be something like [techblog9].com. This is exactly how your customers are going to find you.

Purchasing a domain name is a reasonably simple process

The challenging part is figuring out the one which has not been taken to date. One invariably attempts to ensure that the domain name is a good one.

Any person can purchase a domain name.

  1. The first step to go about is to visit a domain name registrar. This may be something like GoDaddy.
  2. The next step is to type in the domain name that you would like to have and pay the fee.

It is, however, important to understand that that you cannot buy just any domain name. They must necessarily have a valid domain suffix and must not be already registered by an entity.

Tips for choosing domain names

It is preferable to go for a domain name that is catchy and short. This makes it easier for people to recall. They can then type in the domain name over a search bar without adding the prefix or the suffix. This lets them directly get to your website, or find it in the search results.

It is then a good idea to do some relevant keyword research for your website. If you can get a relevant keyword in your domain name, it is preferable and works well from an SEO perspective as well.

One is however likely to figure out that the shortest and the catchiest of the names are already taken. This goes to show that you are a part of services that finds a strong representation over the internet.


It may be possible that a cyber squatter has already purchased the domain name which you intend to purchase. They do it as an investment. Later, they resell the domain names to people who actually start a website that has those domain names.

Domain registrars

This is where the services of domain registrars come in. Domain registrars are websites that give out a list of domain names that are similar to the kind that you desire.

Over domain registrars, one can figure out the status for a domain name, whether it has been taken or not. Similarly, one can figure out the suffixes available. In the case of .com is not available, .org may be available.

Top-Level Domain (TLD)

There are a number of TLDs available for general purchase. They include .com, .net, .green and .game. .com is by far the most popular amongst them. This was initially rolled out for commercial sites but nowadays includes everything.

Domain names and web hosts

Another one of the top ways to get a domain name is via web hosting services. A few of the top web hosting services around include Hostwinds, HostGator and DreamHost. The registration mechanism is frequently a part of their sign-up process. When one signs up for their web hosting services, they frequently offer a free domain name.

However, in most cases, the domain names are free for 1 or 2 years only. Thereafter, the registrar charges a yearly or biennial fee. The domain name provider frequently pays only the first bill given out registrar, for the domain name.

There are also web hosts such as Cloud host, which necessarily require you to have a domain name.


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