Are you looking for an all-in-one hosting for your website? It is imperative for you to get confused between the hosting Giants who rule the capital of hosting. Both of them have great strengths and weaknesses. Considering all of the aspects and conducting a comparison will help you choose whether to go for a Hostgator or Godaddy.

For comparing the hosting sites Hostgator and Godaddy, we need to set some parameters based on which we were going to compare their hosting.


Performance is the most crucial factor before choosing a web host. Many websites check the performance grade and loading time of the web host.

Based on the results we found out that the load time of the HostGator is 1.89 seconds and the performance grade is D 89. Hostgator is almost 83% faster than any other tested website.

When it comes to testing Godaddy, it takes around 2.96 seconds to load, and the performance grade is C 78. Godaddy is also 83% faster than other websites which are tested as well.

Pricing plans

When it comes to Hostgator, it does not provide any free domains, but Godaddy does. Opting for Godaddy hosting plan provides you with a free domain.

The monthly subscription for the hosting plan for the Hostgator is 3.95 dollar per month.

The monthly hosting plan for Godaddy is 3.99 dollars per month. Both of the plans are valid for a three-year subscription. Hostgator provides the flexibility to choose and subscribe to the hosting plans for a minimum of one month.

The control panel

When it comes to the Hostgator it provides a cPanel control panel. cPanel is supposed to be the simplest and easiest control panel and also very user-friendly among the website’s owners.

Godaddy also provides a cPanel control panel. Apart from that, it also provides a customized control panel, which is different from the control panel, as mentioned above. This customized control panel has a different look and feel to it and also lets the user install programs faster.

There are few features of each Hostgator and Godaddy that need to be considered.

Three features of Hostgator

The primary feature HostGator provides is its monthly subscription plan for hosting. This is very important before settling with any hosting website. This also proves to be a huge help for someone who is running on a limited budget.

The variety of features and its endless options of features is its next hero feature. Starting from unlimited storage, bandwidth to the ability to host unlimited websites, the Hostgator has a lot of features to look forward to in detail.

Hostgator has introduced its new service called the site transfer feature. This allows the website owner to wrap up all the website details, database, scripts and transfer it with free domain registration transfer.

Three features of Godaddy

One of the Hero features of Godaddy is its amazing customer support. It provides 24/7 customer support, and its customer service executives are always active.

Godaddy frequently introduces many exclusive deals, promos, and offers. The frequent discounts and offers allow customers to make good choices.

It provides customized control panels which can provide the website owners with different and more varied options.

Final verdict

Hosting is a necessary element when it comes to self-hosted WordPress websites. While most people struggle with choosing the right posting platform, these two websites are providing giant competition to each other and to the other websites which are providing hosting services as well. Go through every bit and piece of the features of the hosting websites in detail before settling with any of them for a much better and satisfying result.

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