The entire construct of PC gaming is changing. The trend is as revealed by top PC games for Computer2019. Moreover, the lines that prevail amidst of the platforms are becoming blurred.

Microsoft is now taking interest over PC gaming all afresh and intends to bring Xbox to more homes. Similarly, Japan is making more PC ports than there ever existed earlier. Nintendo too is supporting even more indie titles. Surprisingly, Google too is all set to come up with its all-new cloud gaming platform.

PC exclusive games are less common than they earlier used to be. PC games let us find the best of strategy games and role-playing games. Let us look at a few of the best downloadable PC games for 2019:

  1. Conan Unconquered
May 30 | Petroglyph

Recently, a strategy action game known as They Are Billions was released. This was a fresh approach to the real-time strategy genre. It featured a horde mode gameplay. A player conquers entire waves of enemies in the game. This is done while creating the best possible base.

Conan Unconquered is just like They Are Billions. The version is based upon Conan. The game sends a player to the Conan universe. One comes across a few of the most critical hordes in the world and has a chance at outmaneuvering them. There is a range of modern strategy experiences in the game.

  1. GTFO
TBA | 10 Chambers Collective

GTFO is a cooperative action experience. It is about undertaking an Aliens experience all by oneself. There was a void left behind when the Left 4 Dead series had disappeared. This game fills up that void.

There is a co-op shooter concept in this game. You are not safe with friends as well.

  1. Afterparty
TBA | Night School Studio

Milo and Lola are two best friends. They die and go to hell, and come across a soul catching slave. The only way to return back to earth is to outdrink Satan.

Afterparty is a dialogue-heavy adventure. It seems just like a jewel from the golden age of point-and-click games.

  1. Anno 1800
April 16 | Blue Byte

Anno is essentially a strategy series. Anno 1880 sees its return to its historical roots.

In the game, one creates a miniature empire during the Industrial revolution. This marked by new advancements, which bring in with new solutions and new problems as well.

Anno 1880 features revamped mechanics. Micromanagement of settlements is more challenging than it ever used to be earlier. It is more rewarding as well. The story-driven campaign is overall fun.

  1. Baba is you
March 13 | Hempuli Oy

‘Baba is you’ stars a goat. In most of the puzzle games that are created, there is a defined set of rules that make the experience fun and exciting. However in ‘Baba is you’, the rules are not defined.

One can bring about a change in the rules, through interaction with a few of the key blocks at each level. This changes the layout of the level. Ways in which one can win the game also changes.

This may sound strange, but the ability to manipulate the game is the defining factor for ‘Baba is you’. While the game is challenging, it is highly inventive as well.

  1. Ape Out
February 28 | Bennett Foddy, Gabe Cuzzillo, Matt Boch

The protagonist in the Ape Out is an ape on the run. The ape can no longer take it anymore.

In order to accomplish his escape, the ape must find his way around a number of armed guards. Another one of the top features of the game is Hotline Miami. The levels are fast-shaped but the game has a typical rhythm associated with it. Minimalist visuals work in the finest of ways for the game.

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