Technology has become a crucial part of our lives. We are so obsessed with gadgets like smartphones, laptops, desktop, and so forth. However, they are decreasing our productivity, but we cannot keep them away from our lives.

One of the significant reasons behind this is addiction. People feel anxious when they don’t check their mobiles after a few minutes or maybe seconds. So, how to deal with that pretty relax addiction? Very simple, by considering the top 5 ways that break your smartphone addiction.

Following are the ways to break your smartphone addiction:

1. Creating roadblocks:

You can only adopt good habits when you create roadblocks. By removing the most addictive app from the home screen and putting it in the folder. Or you can delete the most addictive apps altogether. In addition, to make your roadblock strategy effective, you can put your phone on the grayscale mode. You can also remove shortcuts like facial recognition and add strong passcode.

2. Reduce or eliminate notification:

Notifications work as pop-ups that encourage us to open the phone. Many people easily get distracted from their work when they see the notification. As a result, they spend their time on the phone rather than on work. So, notifications are one of the most prominent reasons people get addicted to their phones. They need to turn off the notifications if they want to work without wasting time.

3. Avoid using the phone when you wake up:

More than 80% of people check their phones when they wake up. Whereas, some of them spend their morning hours on checking a phone. When you are about to sleep, put your phone on Airplane mode. So, it will block all notifications. And after waking up, don’t go on the flight mode, until you finish your regular morning work.

4. Leave your phone behind when you talk with your family:

Nowadays we don’t have enough time for our family. And when we sit with them, half of the time we use our phones. It’s not a good habit and seems very mannerless. So, whenever you talk to your family keep all your focus on their words and leave the phone in your room. We assure you that, if you do so, you will definitely overcome the smartphone addiction.

5. Think about the actual use of the phone:

Phones are invented so people can talk or exchange information via message to anyone from anywhere. This useful gadget is only for communication whenever users feel it’s urgent. It is not developed for staring or stalking someones’ profile. So, when you use the gadget in the right way, you won’t feel any type of addiction. Verbalizing phones every time is not a good thing. In short, always use the phone when required.


We hope this comprehensive list of 5 ways to break the smartphone addiction helps you a lot. Follow these ways effectively and learn how to use the phone.

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