To make sure that your WordPress blog comes across success, it is preferable if you go ahead with the right sort of a theme for your blog.

The written content is not everything. Making the right sort of impression over the viewers is important as well. So a site should look and feel right when a viewer sees it.

A few of the most disastrous ways in which a blog fails is when the site gives the appearance of being crowded, there are too many distracting adverts that do not amuse the readers, or if the font used is of a low quality.

The right sort of a WordPress theme can bring about a difference in the terms of view times and customer engagement. This delivers value to your blog.

Let us take a look at the top 10 best WordPress themes for blogging:

1. Divi

While being rare, Divi is a WordPress theme that can do anything. Divi has a drag and drops website builder in place. This eases with creating customized templates, pages, and layouts. Each page can be created with a different content model.

2. Astra

Astra is the preferred WordPress blogging theme when you want your website to stay easy and customizable. Astra is WooCommerce ready and is extensible using premium plugins.

3. Newspaper

The best part about using the Newspaper theme is that it delivers access to the finest of support services for a website builder. Using the Newspaper theme, one can also write blog posts and articles easily.

4. OceanWP

OceanWP is among the best themes for WordPress websites. The USP of OceanWP is its developer-friendly codebase. This makes customizations easier. An elaborate extension library further eases adding additional functionality to your website.

5. Ribosome

Ribosome is a WordPress blog theme that is magazine-style. The theme is preferred for its custom header, custom background, and unlimited colors. Apart from the navigation menu, there’s a social menu towards the top as well.

6. Maxwell

Maxwell is a WordPress theme that is elegant and minimalistic. Their typography is attractive and the layout is clean and magazine-style. A few of the other top features of Maxwell include varied layouts for posts and an attractive slideshow for featured posts.

7. Eleven40 Pro Theme

Eleven40 Pro is a StudioPress classic theme. It has been around for some time. The theme passed its toughest test when it went responsive, with the launch of new mobile devices.

8. Neve

Neve is preferred for being a lightweight starter theme, but it works nicely for creating just about any kind of website. Neve is fast and customizing it is easy. Neve delivers a top performance over mobile devices as well.

9. Zakra Pro

Zakra Pro is simplistic and features multiple options for creating a header and footer. Moreover, Zakra Pro also has specific options for reading more, excerpts, post styling, and thumbnails.

10. Authentic

Authentic is a WordPress blogging theme focused upon attention to detail. Authentic has 15 color presets, and offers numerous ways to showcase your content.

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